What’s the point?

I know there are endless cooking and baking blogs. One might wonder, what does a plump but domestically untalented gal have to add to this milieu (thrown in for my husband who LOVES this word)?

In a word or two – not much.

What I can SUBTRACT from the genre is the following:

  • A sense of failure that nothing you make ever looks as good as the blogger’s example.
  • Feeling like everyone but you has time to plan out and cook (in one day) nightly 3 course meals for their families while also working full time, cloth diapering, making their own baby food, exclusively breastfeeding triplets and training for a marathon (pushing a triple stroller).*
  • Fancy pictures that look like a Bon Appetit spread. I don’t have an SLR. I have a point and shoot, and half the time the flash doesn’t work.
  • Any inclusion of healthy foods (where’s the fun in that?!).
  • Personal tweaks to recipes (I wouldn’t even know where to begin).

That’s right, I’m keeping it REAL, yo.

If you’re wondering, at this point, why you should even bother reading? Yeah, I’m not sure. I largely started this to keep track of recipes I liked and might want to make again and to amuse myself and my husband with my culinary missteps. But I can promise you the following. (1) I’m hefty, meaning I enjoy and know food – no 80 lbs soaking wet foodie here (ahem – Rick Bayless?). (2) Not one thing I make will require significant skill, talent or vision. In fact, I’ll probably be using a LOT of mixes. Yeah, I used to be a “only from scratch” snob in my baking, but I just don’t have the time or energy anymore. So, welcome to the fat lazy woman’s baking blog.

*This is not a reference to anyone in particular, and certainly not to anyone I know who might be reading, so before anyone takes offense, I assure you that (a) it’s not you, and (b) I’m just jealous. Plus, I likely weigh at least 40 lbs more than you. Feel better?


4 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. sweet! this is fantastic. the world (or maybe just I) needs a baking blog for real people! added to the reader list and I can’t wait to keep reading.

  2. Hi I came across a picture of you with an R.Kelly apron saying “hot and fresh out the kitchen” please please please tell me where you got it. I’ve been looking for it for a while now

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