Doodle Birthday Cake – 5 years


I am so behind on blogging and about to dump a lot of recipes/baked goods here to catch up before fall/holidays (i.e. my big baking months approach). First, my biggest/most important baking event of the year: the birthday cake for our twins that passed away. This year, I got a recipe for a from scratch vanilla cake from a sweet friend that owns an amazing bakery in California, Beverly’s Best Bakery. Therefore I won’t share the actual recipe but will tell you that based on the AMAZING cake we ended up with, combined with some delicious cookies she shared when we met recently in Austin, Texas, anyone close enough to try her bakery should RUN there. 🙂

So, vanilla cake from scratch, double layered, together with green buttercream (green was always “their color” that we’d painted their room for a boy/girl room). I wanted a little more interest to the buttercream so used lemon extract in place of vanilla with a traditional buttercream recipe.



The initials (for their names, Noah and Talia) and butterflies were melted white chocolate piped onto wax paper through a pastry tip.



Thanks to the assist from my pro friend and the baking skills I’ve been honing over the last few years, this was by FAR my best effort yet for their cake. It was delicious, DH said it tasted like wedding cake. I was so proud to be able to honor them with such a beautiful cake!

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