Testing, 1…2…?

Is anyone reading this? Anyone out there at all?

This blog has been a bit neglected, I admit…but in my defense, I did kind of have a whole bout of bedrest preventing me from standing in the kitchen for extended periods of time, followed by a baby, and then a lot of time caring for said baby while chasing a crazy 2 year old around and restraining him for numerous time outs a day.

I have baked a bit during the hiatus though (premade mixes are my friend when I have a 2 year old “helper” – FYI Ghiradelli dark chocolate brownie mix are the absolute BEST brownies EVER), more so recently, AND I just received a repaired lens form Canon in the mail so I’m back in business photo wise, so hoping to get this baby up and running again in time for holiday baking.

In the meantime, I did photograph a couple of things I made that were never published so I will post those shortly and promise to use this blog more going forward!


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