Eggnog Cheesecake – not so noggy…

So, I actually made this last Christmas eve, and then forgot to ever post about it. It tasted great, because I love cheesecake, but (a) I jacked up the presentation and (b) it didn’t taste at all eggnoggy. I plan to try again this Christmas and correct my major mistakes, which were:

  • I meant to use a recipe that included actual storebought eggnog for flavor, but halfway into baking realized I was using the wrong recipe which just used eggs themselves and therefore didn’t have a strong enough eggnog flavor.
  • I released the cake from the springform pan too soon.

So, it was so long ago that I can’t even find/remember the recipe I used…so just remember: FIND A RECIPE THAT INCLUDES ACTUAL EGGNOG!

I recall that I had to crumble graham crackers for crust. Advised that you do it with a rolling pin or food processor, both of which I lacked. So I pretty much just beat the shit out of them while in a plastic bag. FAIL #1:

As you can see, it wasn’t quite as pureed as a graham cracker crust should be…

And this is what happens when you release the springform pan too soon. San Andreas fault cheesecake. Again, it tasted good despite my numerous errors, but it just tasted like regular cheesecake and the presentation left something to be desired.

Stay tuned for attempt no. 2 during holidays 2011!!!


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