Doodle Cake

We lost twin babies at 23 weeks several (3, to be exact) years ago – called them our “Doodles”. Each year on their birthday we eat a birthday cake for them and for the last 2 years we baked it rather than bought it.

I used a basic Pillsbury mix and frosting because I’m not supposed to be on my feet too much so anything from scratch would have required too much time in the kitchen. Let the hubs pick them at Target and he got strawberry and pink frosting!

Apologies for the wall – we’re in the midst of a kitchen remodel…

So, no real need to include a recipe since I just followed the box recipe. I think I added 1/3 cup of oil, 1 cup of water and 2 eggs to the mix, blended for 2 minutes, and baked.

I did have a little “helper”…

I wanted to make a layer cake so I did 2 square pans. That wasn’t in the instructions (only 2 rounds) but I figured it would be similar baking time.

I really liked how pink the cake was! LOL.

It baked for about 32 minutes I think? I tried 27 first per the box instructions and it wasn’t done yet.

We let them cool for a couple hours then I tried to get them out of the pans. Here is where I ALWAYS screw up. I even had the hubs get Pam cooking spray to assist but of course I forgot to spray the pans before pouring the cake in. Cause I’m awesome like that.

As you can see, we lost a bit of cake in the pan in the attempts to extricate. I made this the bottom layer and determined I’d camouflage with frosting (because frosting heals all wounds).

The top layer came out a bit better…and nothing sticks cake with cake better than frosting.

I used my actual frosting spatula – a gift from my mother in law when I was on my last baking kick 7 or so years ago when still in law school. It does work better than a butter knife, I have to admit.

Fully frosted! (Before I cleaned up the plate). I think I did an ok job disguising the various gaps in cake too.

And, the final result – decorated with a few sprinkles and a the names in rememberance of our little ones:


2 thoughts on “Doodle Cake

  1. Nice cake! I love that it’s pink.
    I had the cake sticking in the pan issue too, now I butter the pans with real butter before adding the batter and remove the cakes almost immediately from the pan and onto cooling racks, Give it a try next time!

    Its great that you bake them a cake every year, it will keep their memory alive and help your child(ren) remember your children that are not with you every day.


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