Apologies for the hiatus…

We had a mishap when trying to bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, and the oven has since been out of commission. See, we have a nifty safety latch on the oven so the 18 month old monster (and I call him a monster with utmost affection and levity) can’t get in there. Except I think I forgot to latch it that day after baking an eggnog cheesecake the prior evening (post pending). So there we were, rolling out dough and preheating the oven, when a truly noxious odor overcame us and the hubs pointed out that our entire first floor was shrouded in thick smoke. Awesome. Whatever it was, it smelled like burnt plastic and was 100% unidentifiable as it bubbled all black and tar like at the bottom of the oven. Where it has sat untouched since.

But I hear a hot iron and an old towel may get us back in business, so hoping to update soon. And I do have a couple posts in the wings from things baked before the mishap that I’ll try to get online soon, it’s just been hectic lately.

Thanks if anyone is still reading!


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