The Christmas Cookie Debacle of 2010 (Part 1)

Where do I begin? For one thing, this post will be in several parts due to the volume of photos and the fact that wordpress takes about 5 minutes to upload a single photo and I can’t sit here for 2 hours…

Maybe we’ll start with a teaser pic of the abominable end product?

This doesn’t do it justice, really. It looked MUCH worse in person, and obviously nothing like the aspiration.

Started out with my new Williams Sonoma cookie press, one batch each of sugar and gingerbread cookie mixes, and high hopes.

The dough instructions were easy – for each, just add the requisite amounts of butter and eggs (and for the gingerbread, water) to the mixes and “stir until it achieves a dough like consistency”.

Not quite dough like, is it?…

But after kneading it by hand for a minute I was able to get it more dough-like:

And into the cookie press:

Had a few false starts with the cookie press but finally started to get the hang of it (partially by just taking the leftover bits of dough off the press and trying to reassemble them into the cookies on the sheet.

So learning to use the press was a pain in the ass, and on some of the shapes (I tried a few others besides the star but gave up because it wasn’t working) I couldn’t even pull the trigger all the way, but the cookies came out fine. Only complaint is that they were crispy, not chewy (likely due to being so small/thin), and MUCH too small to decorate as holiday cookies.

See – tiny!

When I realized they were too small for good decorating, I used the leftover dough for some easy start cookie cutter cookies.

All baked and waiting for decoration…

Next time: Gingerbread and buttercream….


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Cookie Debacle of 2010 (Part 1)

  1. I like the idea of a Christmas tree like that, in fact, I think I made one many years ago. They are a lot of fun if you have the right tools.

    If I may make a product suggestion, invest in some Pampered Chef baking stones. No, I don’t sell them (well, not any more, not since I started making enough money at my real job not to need a part-time job). However, I love my stones and use them to make cookies, biscuits, crescent rolls, etc. You won’t burn your cookies (unless you leave them in way too long) like you will using that dark colored pan (I used to have a pan like that but it recently went in the trash!).

    I love making the little spritz cookies. In fact, I made classic butter spritz and two different flavored jello spritz cookies this year for Christmas and gave them away to several family members and friends. If you ever want the recipe, just hollar and I’d be glad to share.

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